Back to School, Ski School. Get the most out of your next Luxury Ski Holiday with expert Ski Tuition

Our dedicated luxury concierge service, ‘The Hut,’ are regularly asked which ski school is best or who to ski with and truth be told, it’s complicated. Whether your preference is for a luxury catered ski chalet or one of the best hotels in the Alps you need to ensure that you have the correct ski tuition in place for everybody. Depending on who is escaping with you from the school playground to our winter playground, we will ensure that you are introduced to the most highly regarded faces who in turn will take you to the most exciting places on the mountain. And with some of our favourite friends already fully booked for Christmas and New Year, it’s time to get moving for Half Term and the Easter holidays.

Whether it be for the young in your group or the young at heart, for any beginners in your party, ski instruction is a must. By entrusting your first ski steps to the dedicated gloved hands of an expert, either with private tuition or small group classes, you’ll have an invaluable foundation for a future love of our favourite sport. The options to choose from though are vast and it can be quite overwhelming so let The Hut take it slowly with you and be the off mountain guide you didn’t know you needed.

Ready. Set. Ski:
For those where the holidays mean escaping that bit further into the embrace of the wilderness, talk to us about how you wish to see your skiing develop. Just as the confines of a classroom have been released, it doesn’t mean you need to feel confined to ski school. From individually focused coaching sessions to transitioning your skiing to the next level, let us shake up your snow globe and fix up your next winter high.

Take a leap:
Quite literally. Let us be the makers and shapers of your next ski holiday as we help you either take the first foray into off-piste or ensure you’re reaching new personal, as well as mountain, heights. Tell us what you are looking to achieve and we’ll have you skiing with the experts. The off-piste guides that we trust with your experience and safety are at the top of their game. They have either grown up in the Alps or have spent years getting to know the intricacies of the mountains, meaning they know those white covered peaks like the back of their hands.

This winter, whatever your ski level, it is time to dream big, discover more and explore further. After-all, this is the type of school we’re all excited to get back to.