Self Drive Self Care

Driving to Val d’Isère for winter skiing has become increasing popular over the last couple of years. Here are a few tips from our chalet chauffeur team to help you cruise-control your way through to your luxury mountain hideout. Grab your skis and we'll see you soon!

Toll Booth Tag

It’s definitely worth signing up online so that you can just sail through the toll booths. After all, who carries cash these days?

Places To Stop

If you are driving to your luxury chalet in Val d’Isère from Northern England, you may want to stop for the night in a hotel once you have crossed the channel. Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, just a short hour's drive from Calais, is a lovely little fishing town on the coast. If you are driving from Southern England, it may suit you better to stop overnight once you are further into your journey. You will land in Dijon about six hours into your French miles. This little town is a delight, with some gorgeous boutique hotels and beautiful French cobbled streets. The perfect stop before your ski trip commences.

Snow Chains

If you are coming up to Val d’Isère in snowy conditions, do not forget your snow chains. These are best bought ahead of your journey - do not rely on getting them en route. Halfords sell them from £69.99. If you already have M/S tyres or a four-wheel drive, you should be okay without.

Don’t Miss The Sign

Look out for the blue circular sign with a picture of a tyre with snow chains on. When you see this, you know it is time to pop yours on. It is worth having a practice before you set off.

Mood Music

It’s a long drive to Val d’Isère and we know it can sometimes be tedious. Keep the good vibes going and bring the luxury chalet ambiance into your car. Enjoy the beautiful French countryside passing you by whilst listening to our ‘Après-Ski’ or ‘Ski Fresh Tracks’ Spotify playlists and dream of the good times to come; just a short journey away!

Bon Voyage! See you in the mountains soon….