Hip Hideouts first partnered with Patagonia back in 2013. The quality of their clothing is undeniably of the best quality and we aspire to their philosophy; build the best products, cause no unnecessary harm and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. The news over the last week that they have dedicated 100% of their business over to tackling climate change made us all stop in our tracks; quite literally. When a village as beautiful as Val d’Isère is your home you want to do anything you can to preserve it.

For this winter, a number of eco-initiatives have been unveiled in Val d’Isère, including piste bashers which will be powered by hydro-treated vegetable oil fuel. As a fuel this is 100% renewable and reduces CO2 emissions by 90%. There is also the introduction of two electric buses, with the aim to increase this to 15 by 2025.

As for Hip Hideouts, what are we doing in Val d’Isère to help the ongoing climate change issue? We will be welcoming two electric hybrid Land Rover Defenders to our existing fleet this winter season. We will continue to work with ethical and environmentally conscious brands such as Patagonia and we are committing to being 100% single use plastic free across all our chalets by winter 2024/25.

Let’s all do what we can to protect our precious planet.