our drinks

our drinks

Wine is a passion, it's a hobby and it can be taken lightly or seriously. However you treat your wine, we will have selected something to suit your taste and in our catered luxury chalets we include carefully selected wines to match with our menus. We have a wonderful selection of wines including a delightful Grand Cru champagne from Alain Grilliat, a fabulous boutique house in Ay.

Our chalet chefs love their menus to be complemented with wine so they will be happy to suggest the perfect combination. We also have our own fine wine supplier in resort so if there is a specific bottle we can get for you, we will do our best to source it.

our champagnes

Alain Grilliat & Fils - Aÿ

Millésime Grand Cru

Alain Grilliat & Fils - Aÿ

Le Grand Noir Grand Cru

Our whites

Domaine Pellé - Loire

Les Bornés 2017

Michel Chapoutier - Languedoc

Marius 2017

Terres Dorees - Beaujolais

Le Classic 2017

Our reds

Domaine Dupasquier - Savoie

Pinot Noir 2015

Chateau Machorre - Bordeaux

La Villa 2012

Domaine de Monvac- Vacqueras


Our rosé

Chateau des Demoiselles - Provence

Charme des Demoiselles 2017

"A perfect martini should be made by filling a glass with gin then waving it in the general direction of Italy" – Noel Coward

Colombo Gin (41.3%) is a London Dry Gin that is handcrafted in small batches from copper pot stills. It’s made with a recipe which dates back around 70 years, including a number of spices from the Cinnamon Garden of Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Botanicals - Juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica, liquorice root, Sri Lankan cinnamon bark, curry leaves and ginger root.
Serve - Ice, orange twist, cinnamon, star anise and Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic.

Citadelle (44%) is classed as a London Gin but is now produced in the South-West of France. As it was produced in the 17th century, Citadelle gin is distilled in small copper pot stills with a naked flame. Using centuries old know-how passed down through five generations of master distillers, a complex, refined and elegant gin is produced.
Botanicals - coriander, orange peel, cardamom and nutmeg from India, liquorice and cubeb pepper from Java, juniper, violet and star anise from France, fennel, iris, cinnamon, almonds and lemon rind from Spain, angelica from Germany, grains of paradise from West Africa and cumin from Holland.
Serve - Ice, grapefruit peel, blueberries and Original Fever Tree Tonic.

The Botanist Gin (46%) is a small batch Islay Dry Gin from Scotland, where the botanicals are hand picked by a team of foragers who search across the hills, bogs and shores of Islay. They are then placed in a Lomond pot still affectionally named “Ugly Betty” and distilled for around 17 hours.
Botanicals - Birch leaves, bog myrtle leaves, cassia bark, chamomile, cinnamon bark, coriander seed, creeping thistle, gorse flowers, heather flowers, hawthorn flowers, juniper berries, lady’s bedstraw flowers, lemon balm, mugwort leaves, red clover flowers, sweet cicely leaves, thyme leaves, white clover and wood sage leaves.
Serve - Ice, basil leaves, ginger sticks and Original Fever Tree Tonic.