New This Winter - The Wild Nest

Imagine waking up and being totally immersed in the mountain landscape. No one else around, nothing obstructing the view. Just you, the mountains and the hazy sunrise creeping up behind the peaks. Well, our friends at Evolution2 have taken escapism to new levels and this experience is now at your fingertips. We are giving you the first glance, so you can embrace the mountains like no one has before.
Welcome to The Wild Nest.
As the sun sets and blue turns to black, if you are lucky enough to have a clear night, the stars will appear by their thousands. A cloudy night brings its own charm and often delivers a fresh blanket of snow around the nest. Equipped with everything you need for a unique stay, the nest offers you boutique glamping¦ mountain style! Expect a warming three course Savoyard dinner with a view of Vanoise National Park all to yourselves. Complete with superior selected wines, chosen for you by Michelin starred chef Jean Michel Bouvier, the man behind Le Panoramic. With an opaque front, you can wrap up in your duvet and let the wind outside sing you to sleep. The following morning, wake up to the sun rising over the French-Italian border and a hearty breakfast served to you by your mountain guide. The descent is easy, fresh first tracks as you are safely led back to resort.

If you're feeling extra adventurous, in addition to your stay, during the 400m altitude ascent from Tignes you will have the option to experience ice floating; a new relaxation experience brought to the Alps from Finland. Wearing a dry suit you will be free to float in the icy waters of the frozen lake, offering a new sensory experience giving you a wild sense of well-being.You will also have the opportunity to meet the polar adventurer Alba Michon and hear about his incredible 45-day expedition to the geographical North Pole.

Following a year of holding back, it is time to embark on new adventures. Perhaps you want to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary? Well, do something extraordinary, step out of your comfort zone; and into the high altitude Wild Nest.

Get in touch for prices and availability to give your elegant escape some mountain edge...