The Best Table in the House!

It's safe to say that eating out was one of the things missed most in Spring and it's good to know that restaurant and cafe culture is back with full force in France. Favoured restaurants are open once again, welcoming customers back and throughout the glorious summer in France terraces were being enjoyed to the full.

There are however some subtle differences though in the post lockdown hospitality sector. Instead of being met with a warm French welcome, dinners will be welcomed by todays hottest outfit accessory; a cooly designed facemask. Outdoor seating is definitely being maximised and as a results those opting to eat inside have a more spacious and less compact feel to their experience. On the whole, the return to dining experience is overall a lot more hygienic and even more pleasurable after such a long absence.

Turning our attention to winter, a hotly debated, pre ski trip topic, is always where to visit for lunch in Val d'Isere. With so many excellent restaurants to choose from, tough choices always have to be made. Heress a round up of some of the best mountain restaurants in Val d'Isere, all of whom are already excited to welcome back winter travellers.

*Table with a view*
Where: Le Refuge du Solaise
What: The Salad de Solaise is a beautiful, fresh, crunchy and light option for those in need of their vitamin fix after a week of rich food. For the hungry skier after something more decadent then their tender Tomahawk steak oozes flavour and is a delicious lunchtime treat.
Why our staff love it: The view of Val d'Isere is incredible and the design and decor is really cool. We always have excellent feedback from our guests who visit and they love the live music as well. Sean : Insider Knowledge: Karen, the restaurant manager, makes sure that guests are always well looked after and the table at the back on the far left has some of the best views of Val d'Isere.

*Off the Beaten Track*
Where: L'Edelweiss
What: You'll find Tartiflette in almost every restaurant but this isn't any Tartiflette this is L'Edelweiss Tartiflette. It has a rich, creamy interior and tasty crunchy exterior making it the perfect Savoyard refuel after a long morning.
Why our staff love it: It's only accessible via a blue run which makes it a little quieter and more exclusive than some of the other restaurants on the mountain. It's a great option throughout the season; cosy inside on snowy days and a beautiful terrace in Spring. Caroline
Insider Knowledge: Tables are only available to book on the day at 9am. For guests staying in Le Fornet it is a beautiful spot to stop and have an apres on the last run down.

*Best for Non-Skiers*
Where: L'Etincelle
What: With so much to choose from on their menu you will be thoroughly spoilt for choice. Their pizzas are possibly the best on the mountain; full of flavour with generous and tempting toppings. For those craving Frances signature beef tartar this is tender, tasty and not to be missed.
Why our staff love it: It just has everything and is easy for non skiers to get to which makes it very popular. The terrace is beautiful in the sunshine and the views of La Face from inside are excellent so it's a good place throughout the season. We all love their live music in Spring. Richard
Insider Knowledge: If visiting over the Criterium weekend the table by the back window is a perfect spectator spot!

* The did you go to place*
Where: Panoramic
What: Possibly one of the most iconic restaurants in the area, it's hard to single out specific options from their menu as it is all mouth-watering. Their Cuisine Au Feu de Bois or Woodfire Cooking makes everything on it so flavoursome and tender and there is something for almost everyone here. Coupe de Grande Motte is delectable for those with a sweet tooth.
Why our staff love it: The whole experience at Panoramic is luxurious, they even give you slippers when you arrive! Week after week we hear compliments about how good the service is and even their hot chocolate is super special. It's a long way to get to but always well worth it. Jess
Insider Knowledge: Every Thursday they have a gastronomic dinner and torch light decent which forms the longest one in Europe. Jess loved this experience and a highlight was showcasing the meat to you at your table before it was taken away to be cooked. At a very reasonable 70 euros per person it's a fantastic experience.

One of the reasons winter sports lovers visit Val d'Isere time and time again is the excellent restaurant selection both on the mountain and in the village. It really is hard to choose the best and these are just a small selection of what is on offer. A luxury chalet stay with Hip Hideouts comes with full access to a complimentary concierge service so the hardest thing to do is just decide which ones to book. There are, after all, only six lunches.